Who are my best business prospects?

Who are my best business prospects?

I had an interesting conversation today with a prospective client and he reminded me of an important truism that we all sometimes forget. The best sales prospects for any business (well, almost any..) are the people who have already done business with you. These people have looked at the alternatives and they’ve chosen you. They’ve spent money with you, and invested their egos in that choice. It’s important for all of us to keep this in mind as we market.

What do I do about this?

Be sure that your Web site offers something to previous customers. A “what’s new” section can allow them to find out the latest developments–and opportunities to be a customer again! A support section lets them access any support information they might need and lets them contact you. If you’ve taken my earlier advice and have a newsletter, that’s another important vehicle for reminding customers that you’re still there and eager for their business. Be sure to not sell in your newsletter, just provide interesting information about what you do and what you offer. Make it easy for your past customers to recommend you to friends.

The Bottom Line

Pay attention to past customers; they’ve provided you all the revenue you’ve received, and they can be the source of further business and referrals. Provided that you keep them in mind with all your marketing efforts.

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