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Three Phases of Web Marketing

I’ve been looking for a long time for a framework that can be used to organize and discuss all the activities that make up Web marketing, and a newsletter from Marketo (June 18, 2012) provides just that organizing framework.  So with a few modifications, here is that framework.  I’ve provided an infographic that tells the story.

This contemporary view of Web marketing would characterize the goals of the three phases as:

1. Pre-Click:  bring the visitor to the site

2. Post-Click:  get the visitor to provide identifying and contact information (“convert”)

3. Post-Conversion:  make the prospect familiar and comfortable with the company and its offerings, so that the prospect becomes a customer.

The Bottom Line

Give attention to all of these activities in your marketing plan.  It’s a sound practice to have a simple marketing plan in written form that briefly describes what you intend to do in each of these areas.