Don’t Forget Your Favicon!


You will notice that when you visit some sites, you’ll see a site logo displayed next to the URL in the browser’s location bar.  You can drag this logo into the bar just below the location bar and it becomes part of the bookmark.  If you right click on it, you can remove the page title that’s displayed with it, and use just the icon as a bookmark to get back to the site quickly.

Clearly, this is a good thing, because it enables visitors to like the site to bookmark it and easily come back to it!  This issue of the Newsletter tells you how to add this feature to your site.  Of course, you can simply ask your Webmaster to do it.  But if you do any work on your site yourself, it’s easy to do.

Building and Storing Your Icon

Icons are 16 by 16 pixels.  Because they are so small and simple, it’s easy to design one.  Do a Google search on “free icon editor” and download an editor.  Then use it to design your icon.  Then store it in the same directory as your home page on your Web server, and you’re done.

If you don’t do your own site work, don’t worry, this won’t be hard for your Webmaster to do.  And you should have it done because it will help visitors come back to your site.

 The Bottom Line

If your site doesn’t have a favicon icon, then consider it.  Anything that helps visitors remember your site provides an important boost to the effectiveness of your site.

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