Embrace Social Marketing! It’s not hard

Why Social Marketing?

Yes, it’s time to start using social networking sites like FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest as part of your Web marketing.  Increasingly, Google considers links from these sites as part of your position in search results.  In addition, your customers and prospects use these sites, so it’s a good way to reach them with your message.

How to Get Started

Consider where your prospects and customers are.  For busy people enmeshed in their careers, LinkedIn is where many of them are.  After hours, lots of us spend time on FaceBook.  Everyone shares videos from YouTube.

Decide on one social platform to reach your prospects and customers, and create a presence on it.  LinkedIn and FaceBook will let you establish company pages.  Be active in posting, not just commercial messages, but other types of content that are interesting to participants that indirectly support your marketing message.
Make a single person responsible for social network posting, and make sure this person understands your marketing message that’s to be conveyed, if indirectly.  Don’t leave the job of posting on social networks to all sales people or everyone in the company.  The result of that approach is an incoherent message.

The Bottom Line

Getting started with social network isn’t hard and it has considerable benefits.  It needs to be be an organized part of your Web marketing campaign.
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