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We can work with you in a number of different ways, depending on your needs.  The simplest service that we offer is hosting service.  We can also develop a Web site for you, with you developing the content, or we can provide the content as well.  And we provide continuing Web marketing consulting service to keep your efforts on track.

Dave’s Super Hosting Service

Your site is hosted on high-performance servers, in a state-of-the-art computer center with multiple Internet connections and days of fuel for backup generators.  These servers do not have the many speed throttles that are applied by the large hosting companies, even for their “premium” hosting accounts, so your site will perform better than it will on the large hosting companies’ servers.

In addition, an XML site map will be made for your site whenever the site is changed, uploaded to the site, and announced to Google and Bing.  Informing the search engines of a site map will help your changes be included in search engine indexes more quickly.

If you have a WordPress site, then, in addition to the backups taken by the hosting service, another daily backup is taken using a WordPress premium plugin, and stored in an encrypted store separate from the hosting service that is itself backed up once more.  Restoration of your site can be completed in about ten minutes.

The fee for Dave’s Super Hosting Service is $200 per year, paid in advance.  This is less than the cost of “premium” hosting offerings from the big companies, for higher quality.

Website Development

A small business isn’t Tiffany, so your site doesn’t need to epitmize the ultimate in the latest design trends.  And a small business isn’t General Motors, so your site doesn’t need to convince the visitor that the company will be around for a decade to keep making parts.

What your site does need to do is be well organized, convey your basic marketing message clearly, and provide well-organized access to the information that your visitors are seeking.  We can develop a custom Web site for you, and fully outfit it for production.  There are several options for design, each with its own price point.  Note that special features such as ecommerce are not included and must be quoted separately:

  • simple design, you provide content–a simple yet attractive design will be developed that will highlight content that you provide.  Your content will be edited for the Web, and you will be able to review the editing and have the final decision on all copy.  The total price for such a site, with a reasonable number of pages, is $700.
  • simple design, we develop content–we will interview you and work with written material provided by you and develop all the content for a site as described above.  You will have the opportunity to review and edit all copy that is provided.  The total price for such a site, with a reasonable number of pages, is $1200.
  • competed design, you provide content–when your content is complete, we will compete your design project among many site designers, and work with you to select the winning design.  We will then deliver a site using that design in production-ready status.  The price for this option, for a reasonable number of pages, is $1,000.
  • competed design, we develop content–the same site design process as the one immediately above, but we interview you and work with written material that you provide to develop content.  The price for this option, for a reasonable number of pages, is $1,500.

Dave’s Web Marketing Service

Once your site is complete and functioning, or if you already have a site, then you need Dave’s Web Marketing Service.  What’s done with this service depends on your particular circumstances and the competitive environment in your particular business area.

There are several tools that are used to assess how well your site is being received by Google, that help chart the direction for this effort.  There are a number of on-site factors for search engine optimization; if these are not optimal, on-site adjustments, mostly changes that site visitors cannot see, will be made.  In addition, if this is not a new site, the organization of the site and the presence of a Key Selling Proposition will be considered and dealt with.

A pay per click campaign is useful for a new business or a business that is rebranding itself, in addition to seeking what is called “organic” or free search engine listings.  If you wish to fund a pay per click campaign, it will be managed as part of this service.

Depending on your business area and your objectives, some work with social media may be useful.  We will work with you to plan a social media campaign. so that you can carry it out.

A newsletter is our recommendation for most clients.  We will help you set up your newsletter and plan for it, and give you continuing advice and evaluation on it.  If you have a WordPress site, we can set up the site so that you can send your newsletter directly from your site and avoid the cost of a separate newsletter service such as Aweber, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

Other proprietary tools are also available that can be used for such purposes as obtaining a large number of genuine, favorable customer reviews.  These are available to clients of Dave’s Web Marketing Service.

The free for Dave’s Web Marketing Service is $500 per month, paid in advance.  There is no contract; any time you’re not content, just stop paying.  Note that this compares favorably with search engine optimization companies, who typically charge $750 per month for their least expensive service.  This offer includes not only SEO but also the full range of other services described.  It’s an incredible deal, as you can see.

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