Registering Your Domain Name

There are few useful things for you to know about registration of your domain name, to protect yourself in case of a dispute or from a disloyal Webmaster, and there is some impact on search engine position as well.

Value of Your Domain Name

You spend a lot of time and money developing your domain name, and it’s an important source of business. If your Web site is a major source of new customers, then it can be a crucial asset for your business. If you’re deprived of it your losses can be substantial. So it’s worthwhile to think of your domain name as a very important business asset, one that needs to be carefully protected.

How to Protect It

Disputes can happen. Happy employees can become disgruntled employees and things can turn nasty. No, you don’t intend for that to happen, but it can. And if it does, you don’t want your entire business to be endangered. So there are two measures to take to protect your domain name:

  1. Register with Network Solutions, the leading Internet domain name registrar. They are more expensive than their competition, but they have some processes to handle disputes, while the discount registrars may have none at all. If a disgruntled employee grabs your domain name and shuts down your Web site, you need some procedures to deal with the problem. Quickly.
  2. Don’t give the domain registration password to your Webmaster or anyone other than a full-time employee who has a contract regarding company assets. The person who has that password can shut down or otherwise control your Web site.

What Google Cares About

It’s known that Google considers how long your site has been registered by the current owner and for how long into the future you have registered it. Presumably the idea is that someone who is serious about their domain name will have registered it for a long period into the future. The common recommendation is to register your site for at least ten years into the future.

The Bottom Line 

Care for your domain name as the valuable business asset that it is. Register it with Network Solutions, control the password yourself and register for at least ten years.

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