We provide a variety of services.

Dave’s Super Hosting Services

If you would like us to host your site, we offer high-performance servers, with multiple Internet connections and backup power, in a professionally-run computer center, that provide a level of performance that will help your search rankings.  In addition, at no extra charge, your site will be scanned once a day for changes, and the search engines will be notified right away of any changes so that changes to your site will be noticed right away.

If your site uses WordPress, which we recommend, Dave’s Super Hosting Service also includes the use of premium backup service to make daily backups, stored in Amazon Web Services, in addition to the hosting provider’s usual backups.  The service also includes the premium version of WordFence, which incorporates a number of state-of-the-art methods to protect your site against attack.

This service is superior in performance and features to services offered by the major hosting providers for $25 a month.  It is priced at $200 per year, payable annually.

Dave’s Review Service

Today many shoppers on the Web don’t use Google as the starting point to look for a new company to do business with.  Instead, they search review sites, and look for a company that has good reviews.  They’ll use reviews to select one or two companies to follow up with, and they’ll go directly to those company’s Web sites. So, because of reviews, you may get business from people who never did a Google search.  Or, if you don’t have good reviews, your competition may get that business.

So you need to have a significant number of good reviews on review sites.  I know of companies that have written their own reviews, people who claim they are smart enough to get away with it.  And, in fact, they didn’t get caught by the rating companies.  But when you read their reviews, if you’re experienced at reading Internet reviews, as many Web shoppers are, you’ll see that they lack the ring of truth.  And if you fake reviews you run the risk of getting caught and enduring draconian penalties from the review companies–such as banning you entirely from the site.

Dave’s Certified Reviews solves this problem for you.  The service provides a method for getting favorable reviews from your real customers, on real review sites.  In addition, the service also gets you additional private feedback from customers who aren’t completely satisfied.  This information doesn’t go onto review sites, but if you discover that your customers are having a regular problem with your business, that discovery may be worth more than the favorable reviews that you receive.

You’ll have a dashboard that displays all your reviews, where you can reply to them if you wish.  All the reviews you get from Dave’s Certified Reviews will be positive, but it’s possible that you might get negative reviews from other encounters with your business  In these cases, It’s good practice to reply politely to a negative review, showing concern about the attitudes of your customers.  A kind reply to a nasty review does a lot to blunt its impact.

You also can have a live feed of reviews on your Web site if you wish.  This feed can be filtered, so that only reviews over a certain number of stars are shown.  Typically reviews of four and five stars are shown.  Since these reviews are from a live feed from the review sites, they have additional credibility.  In addition, they are presented in a way so that they’ll be seen by Google and will help your search engine ranking.

You also receive a monthly report of reviews that you’ve received, and the trend in your ratings.

Dave’s Certified Reviews is our newest service.  Several clients are getting new favorable reviews from this service today.  The service is priced at $200 per month.  A one-year subscription is available for the price of ten months, a discount of more than 15%.

One-Time Audit

If you would like a comprehensive review of your site for on-site factors that affect search engine position, and a report that can be used by your Webmaster to make adjustments, that is priced by the complexity of your site.  The minimum charge for an audit and report is $500.

On-Going Web Marketing

On-going Web marketing services is a comprehensive package including everything that you need, such as running your pay per click campaign, hosting your site, reviewing your site and working with your Webmaster on changes to improve search engine position, and continuing to work with you to monitor the competitive position of your site and advising on actions to take.

This is priced by the complexity of your site.  The minimum charge for this a $400 per month.

Coming Soon–Greeter

Greeter provides a popup on your site, that once a visitor has been on the site for 20 seconds (or another time you select) they see a popup asking if they have any questions, offering to answer them.  A “yes” from the visitor causes the popup to collect the question, get the visitor’s contact information, and send you an email.

Greeter gives you the convenience of 24-hour question-answering support without a 24-hour employee to answer the phone!


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