Most services of Web Marketing Advantage are performed personally by Dave Roberts, an experienced technology expert who also has extensive sales and marketing experience. His technology background provides him a deep understanding of the operation of the Internet and the software used to analyze visitor behavior. His marketing background provides the experience needed to conceive and carry out marketing strategies on the Web.


Dave was employee #12 at Oracle, and worked in sales and marketing as he established the Eastern Region for Oracle. Five years later, he was Marketing Vice President of Oracle, leading the company’s marketing effort. While there, he initiated the company’s seminar marketing strategy, one of the basic marketing techniques that the company employed for several years of its growth. He also conceived and wrote some of the company most important marketing materials during that time. He completed the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School, where he focused on marketing-related topics.


Dave holds graduate degrees in computer engineering and computer science. He teaches a graduate course in Internet protocols at George Washington University. This in-depth technical background equips him well to understand the sophisticated technology environment that is the Internet. In fact, the work of Web Marketing Advantage is heavily focused on the use of automated tools to obtain quantitative measures to guide decision-making, rather than relying on guesswork about what search engines might do or how visitors might react. This heavy use of automated tools, in addition to improving the quality of results, also reduces the time involved–hence the cost–of the work that’s done.

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Most of our engagements are confidential, so we can’t provide a list of clients.  However, there is a recent project of our own that we can reference, that’s just getting off the ground:

Gum Disease Information

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