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Why You Should Use AdWords

You Should Use AdWords. Here’s Why.

Yes, you’d like to rank high in organic search and get lots of traffic for free.  That’s a great objective, and achievable, too.  Over time.  But there are still some important reasons why you should use the leading pay-per-click service, Google AdWords.  Here are some of them.

It Reaches Prospects When They Want to Buy

Someone who is doing a Google search for your product or service is very likely doing so because they are interested in buying.  If you can put your name in front of them at the very time they are making that decision of what to buy, and bring them to your site, that’s just perfect timing.  Can you get that timing what any other advertising?

That’s why the Yellow Pages used to be so effective.  If you bought an ad in the Yellow Pages, prospects saw it when they were looking for a specific product or service because they wanted to buy.  Of course, that’s no longer the case–today, your prospects search the Web.

Small Spenders Are Welcome

Happily, there’s no minimum ad spend for AdWords.  You don’t have to commit thousands of dollars to your first trial.  In fact, you should start small and try a number of different search terms, to find out which ones bring you results, then expand your spend on the search terms that bring you business.  Don’t make the mistake of starting with a big spend before know which search terms bring you business.

Built-In Tracking

AdWords provides a variety of tracking tools.  You can track which terms bring you traffic, how long that traffic stays on your site, and continue on up through webform submissions and phone calls, if you wish.  You’ll know whether your AdWords spend is bringing you results.

A Foundation for Your Organic SEO

The tracking that you do for your AdWords campaign will also help you identify the search terms you want to seek organic search positions for.  Use your SEO dollars wisely, to go after position in search results for terms that you know bring you business.  A small experimental AdWords spend will help you sort out those search terms.

Website Improvement

Once you’re paying for people to come to the site, you’ll take a critical look at the site, considering what they see when they arrive.  It’s easy to not consider what happens to free traffic–it’s free, after all–but when you’re paying for every click, you want those bought visitors to have a great experience on your site.  Of course, you really want it for all your visitors, even the free ones, but the incentive is stronger once you’re paying for each visitor.  Site improvement is more likely to break through the clutter of things to do that all of us have when it involves making good use of money that we’re spending.

The Bottom Line

You should be using AdWords!  There’s a corollary to this, though–don’t try this at home.  AdWords looks deceptively simple but managing an effective campaign is complex and requires regular attention.  You’re better off to spend your time running your business, and leaving this complex task to someone else.  Such as me!

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