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Enhance Google Rankings with Google+

Google+ Matters!

You may not think Google+ is important–but it’s the third largest social platform and has more than 500 million monthly users.  And, of course, its parent is Google, about which we care a lot.

Even though Google+ doesn’t have the sheer population of Facebook, a survey reported in Forbes showed that Google+ users are more engaged, so a post on Google+ generates almost as much activity as a post on Facebook.

Start Posting

The most important step is to start posting on Google+.  If you’re not posting on this platform, you’re missing the opportunity.

About Your Posts

The usual rules about social media posting apply.  These three are crucial:

  1. Use headings to point readers to important sections of content.  If a reader doesn’t want to read the whole thing, a heading may get part of your post read
  2. Break up long blocks of text into paragraphs that appear to be digestible.  No one wants to wade into a huge block of text
  3. Use images, videos and graphics to illustrate your post and make it more interesting
  4. Include clear calls to action so that the reader is inspired to interact, to take action on the spot.  Google helps you do this by providing call to action labels.


It’s OK to go ahead and post content on Google+ that you are also posting on other social networks.  This will get broader exposure for your message.

The Bottom Line

Use Google+ to help your search results.

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