Your Title Tag is Important!

The Title Tag

The most important meta tag on each page, in my experience, is the title tag.  Changing the title tag alone can influence your position in search engine results.  This issue gives some pointers on how to choose the text for your title tag.

Search Keywords First

Usually the title will have search keywords and the name of your brand.  Put the search keywords first; Google will figure out what’s your brand, because it’ll be mentioned everywhere on your site, and you’ll have good position on that.  So put the keywords first; Google gives emphasis to the first terms on the title.

Keep It Short

All that will be displayed is about 70 characters, so keep the length of the title to that.

Make It Relevant

Start with a couple of keywords that are important to the subject matter of the page, that appear on the page several times.

Show a Couple of Products and Services and then the Brand

You can separate the products or services with a vertical bar.  For example iIf you have a couple of kinds of apartments, for example, your tag might look like this

One-Bedroom Tucson Apartment | Two-Bedroom Tucson Apartment | EZ Apartments Inc.

The Bottom Line

Pay attention to your title tags.  It matters more than any other single content change you can make on your site.

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