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This Will Make You a WordPress Believer

WordPress:  Its Time Has Come

I’ve written before that WordPress is the way to build your site, unless perhaps you are Amazon or IBM or and have a site that receives hundreds of thousands of visits.  I’ve written about how the great variety of WordPress themes makes the development of a WordPress site much quicker and less expensive than development of a conventional html-css site.

Website Magazine Agrees

Website Magazine, where I find a number of good ideas, has just published a list of 33 WordPress Themes for Every Person.  The article provides a list of 33 different WordPress themes, for every purpose from a dental office to a merchant to a crafter to a real estate specialist.

The Bottom Line

Consider WordPress as your site development platform the next time you have a lot of changes to make to your site.  You’ll save a lot on site maintenance, and when you want to add new capabilities, instead of paying to program them and waiting for them to be built, often just selection of a plugin, often for free, will do the job and be up and running in minutes.