Use a Free eBook to Create Leads


Giving a way a free ebook is a great way to get subscriptions to a newsletter or in general to simply create interest in whatever your Web site is promoting.   Creating a nice-looking ebook can seem like a daunting effort–but fortunately there’s an easy way to do it.

The Template

HubSpot creates a lot of ebooks themselves to promote their own efforts.  But they decided that not everyone has access to the fancy tools that they use to create ebooks, so they created an ebook template in PowerPoint that’s designed for the rest of us.

How It’s Done

HubSpot identifies five steps for creating your own ebook using their template:

  1. Create the intro material, your bio, the summary.
  2. Create a page for each chapter title, with a picture
  3. Put in your content, and make it look beautiful
  4. Put in a call to action to encourage the next step you want the reader to take
  5. Convert your ebook into a PDF
You can find the template, and some great advice on creating your ebook, on HubSpot’s site.

The Bottom Line

Giving a way great content is a way to spread your name and increase your reputation.  Now, with a great way to create your own ebook, there’s no excuse for you not to do it!
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