Free Stuff is the Easiest Thing to Sell

Free Stuff

We all are attracted to getting something for free, and we’ve know it since we were children.  The ice cream cone is great, but it’s nicer with those free chocolate sprinkles on top!   Whether we are selling something or if we just want people to join our mailing list, we should give away something for free!  The free thing doesn’t have to be anything expensive–it doesn’t even have to be tangible–just (1) attractive, and (2) free.

Words to Use

My friends at have done some research, and they found that these are good words to use, with the most effective listed first:

    1. For your free estimate
    2. A 30-day free trail
    3. Get a free consultation
    4. Bonus miles
    5. Get a free gift!
    6. Bonuses!
    7. Free shipping

The Bottom Line

Give serious thought to the copy on your Web site.  Consider whether there’s something free that you can offer to induce prospects to join your email list, or to buy from you.

And, while we’re at it, give me a call if you’d like a free estimate for your Web marketing project!

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